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i’ve been a monkees fan since i was maybe twelve or so? my friend’s mum had ‘monkee vs machine’ and ‘monkee see, monkee die’ recorded on the TV and showed it to me. she described the show as being like ‘scooby doo mixed with the beatles’ i found it to be a rather sound comparison

the minute i saw davy jones’ head hit the strength test bell in the opening, i was in love.

Reminder: Send in your nominations for the Monkee bad-guy-escape moment of the week. I will accept nominations until Friday and then pick a winner.

Don’t forget to include pics/gifs or video clips where applicable. And let me know why it’s your favorite.

What are some of your random Monkee memories?


What are some of your random Monkees memories – ones that aren’t connected to going to a concert, meeting one of the guys or something major – more subdued, personal memories?

Here are a few of mine (platinum95, first-generation fan) –

1- When I was seven years old, I heard on the radio that the Monkees had arrived in downtown Chicago.

“Mommy, Mommy!” I remember saying, “I have to go downtown. The Monkees are there.”

“Oh, honey,” my Mom replied. “Your Dad has to work today. He has the car.”

I was so disappointed! I believe this was around the time the guys recorded the Rainbow Room videos in Chicago.

2- I remember sitting in from of the TV watching the Christmas show on Christmas Day 1967, holding one of my presents – my Twiggy doll. The quintessential groovy ‘60s Christmas!

3- The thermos in my Monkees lunchbox leaked one day at school, and one of the other girls helped me clean up the mess. 

“Which one do you like?” she asked. “Davy,” I replied, somewhat sheepishly.  (This was before my fascination with Micky took hold.) 

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